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Glitter and Glamour: LAS VEGAS


In the daylight the city isn't very impressive. Big hotels in the middle of the desert. No sign of the brilliance und glamor which the city communicates in the darkness.

The Aladdin (right side) was blown up on New Years Eve around 1998 or 1999. The Hotel/Casino was too old and not much of an attraction anymore. So they simply blew it up in a ceremony at New Years Eve and rebuilt it. The Bellagio has it's own artificial sea (left side). Every hour or so there is a show with water fountains and light.

Even Europe has an influence on Las Vegas. Apart from the Venetian with it's little rivers all through the casino they built a copy of the Eiffel Tower of Paris.

As transportation you can order a stretch-limousine in Las Vegas. We were allowed to take a look into one of those. Since our whole Group of 20 persons, all with cameras, rushed at once to this Limousine the reaction of american passers-by ("Who's that? Who's in there?") wasn't surprising.

Las Vegas at night has great attraction for the people. Only at night the size of the gigantic illumination shows to its best advantage.

You feel like you are in a different world. The Hotels and Casinos shine in all their splendor and everywhere are lights and signs flashing. On neon signs and newscasters they're advertising the shows in the different Hotel/Casinos. The whole town is full of life and the sleepy day is forgotten. The "Strip" with its gigantic Hotels is like a magnet which attracts tourists .

One of the most beautiful Hotel/Casinos is the Caesars Palace (left side). If you think it's gigantic from the outside you will be quite amazed when you go inside. There is a very long shopping mall with exclusive shops, cafés and restaurants.

Another highlight of Las Vegas is "The Mirage". There are the famous shows of Sigfried & Roy with their white Tigers taking place. The show is sold out every evening. In front of the Hotel is a simulation of a volcanic eruption (right side). The Hotel itself makes an breath-taking impression in the dark. In the background of the photo is another Hotel/Casino: Treasure Island.

The fairy-tale castle Excalibur is one of the Hotels, which appears extravagant even in daylight. But illuminated in the dark it looks even more beautiful and dreamy (left side). The Cowboy on the right side is quite one of the most famous pictures of Las Vegas. You can find it in Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. The "roof" of the Fremont Street cosists of thousands light-bulbs which are used every evening for a 15 minutes lightshow at every full hour. We stayed in the Fitzgeralds Holiday Inn Hotel/Casino on that very Street for two nights.

Unfortunetely I got myself a sunstroke so I had to stay in bed the second evening. That means, I gotta go back to Las Vegas as well.