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The dream-factory of Hollywood! This is where entertainment is born and lives.

Die Traumfabrik von Hollywood! Hier wird Unterhaltung gemacht und gelebt.

Welcome to Universal Studios! The entrance looks very inviting. There are many attracitons and shows from many movies.

At "Terminator 2" they showed a 3D-movie with interactive sequences where real actors were part of the show. The whole show had a story. The firm Cyberdyne Systems wanted to introduce itself to the audience, but rebels disturbed that introduction. We went there in the afternoon and had to stand in line for an hour before we could get in. It was worth it.

One trilogy is a must for this place: JURASSIC PARK! The Jurassic Park Adventure was great fun. It was a river adventure with only one way out... straight down an 84 foot vertical drop waterfall in a raft. If you ever get there here's a tip: You gotta take the poncho they're offering you! At the right side you can see a film scenery from Jurassic Park II and III wich we passed on our studio tour.

Who knows the house on the left? Right, it's the city hall out of "Back To The Future". We also saw some of the cars from that movie. But we didn't have the time to go into the show. The line at the entrance was far to long. But that should be reason to come back for another visit. ;-)

The building on the right is the famous house out of the movie "Psycho". But I have to admit: I never saw that movie. Maybe I should catch up on that one day. But that house is a nice subject for a picture anyway. There were a lot of other interesting sceneries, for example out of "The Mummy", "King Kong" and many other movies. The scenery of the film town could be used for almost every kind of movie.

So, the Universal Studios demand a second visit.