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Center of the Action: TIMES SQUARE

I spent some time every day on Times Square. No surprise there, it's the center of the night life.

The Times Square lies on the crossing of Broadway and 7th Avenue. You can find a lot of things there. For example the David Letterman Show, the MTV Studios, different musicals, Planet Hollywood, the Hard Rock Cafe, Hershey's and not to forget the different Souvenir Shops.

Advertising is flashing on every cornder and there's quite a few newscasters and other flashy movements. There's even a smoking noodle cup (picture on the left).

I spent a lot of time in the souvenir shops and at Hershey's. You could lock me in the Hershey's store over night and I wouldn't get bored.

In the dark the Times Square is even more crazy. It's almost like daylight and there's a lot of people walking around. Looks like the whole of New York is meeting there. You get offers to buy things on every corner and of course there's a lot of cabs driving around. I always wondered how they could still see the traffic lights with all the flashing advertisings.

Even the police departement at Times Square has flashing writing on top of the building.

I didn't see that much of the nightlife at Times Square though. In the second half of the week I was alone in the city so I was back in the hotel around 9 pm or 10 pm most evenings. Most of the time I was walking so much all day that I was tired in the evenings anyway.

Next time I need to take a closer look at Times Square and maybe go watch a musical or the Letterman Show.