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More highlights of this trip

Besides the big cities and National Parks we saw other nice places of the southwest.

Mojave Desert: BAKER


On the right side you can see a view from the edge of the town called Baker into the Mojave Desert. The transition from the residental areas to the desert were very sharp. Where you had green grass under your feet there's just brown and grey desert a step ahead. I'll never understand why people built cities in the middle of the desert. It's all hot'n dry! *lol*



The truck stop near Bakersfield was very interesting too. Somehow the american trucks look three times better than german LKW's. Those square-cut fronts of the trucks look just great. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of one of those big trucks with the silver tanks on that truck stop. There was just one and it was wedged in between two others in a way that a picture wasn't possible. Most of the trucks have their own houshold including a kitchen on board. No wonder, regarding the distance they have to cover.

Beautiful Landscape: CANYONLANDS


The Canyonlands of Utah are very colorful and gigantic. Besides the brown-grey grass you'll just find Joshua Trees in those desert areas (left side). Nevertheless there are still people living in those places. They're called desert rats. Well, with such breath-taking sourroundings that's maybe nice. For me it's simply to hot there. The red color of the rocks and the sand was very impressive to me. The sand even colored the tarted streets.

Road of Dreams: ROUTE 66


Another must on this trip was Route 66. We drove on that part still existing in the State of Arizona. There we stopped in a town called Seligman which was built by german immigrants. But the towns on that highway are all very touristic. There are just souvenir shops and other tourist attractions. I thought the sign on the picture on the right was funny. Of course there was not just desert on the next 300 miles. That's past. Today you always run into a small town or a housing estate.



We also stopped in Santa Barbara. That town is direct at the pacific ocean. Like most of the towns at the ocean there was a pier in Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara Mission (left side) reminds of the first europeans landing in America. It was mostly the spanish who founded those missions. Santa Barbara would be a nice place to live. Therefore it's one of the most expensive residental areas of California.

Danish Capital of California: SOLVANG


What really knocked me off my feet was Solvang, "the danish Capital of California". You actually thought you're in the middle of Europe. The thing is... they really messed up the european cultures there by mixing them all together. They had a memorial of Hans-Christian Anderson. There are no objections against that in a danish town. But the souvenir shop sold stuff that would rather belong to the Netherlands, Bavaria or Switzerland. And they actually had a Heidelberg Inn there which is definitly a german name and has nothing to do with Denmark.

Beautiful Beach: CARMEL BY THE SEA


The beach in Carmel by the Sea was by far the best. The sand was made of ground shells. It was pearly white an beautiful. We stole a little sand and took it home with us. The next time I go there I'll have to spend a day on the beach. The town itself was also very nice. There was a time when Clint Eastwood was the mayor there.

Result: There are so many great places and National Parks in the southwest of the USA that one short visit is truely not enough to see everything you like.