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7th August 2007: A trip into the history of the east in Plymouth.

We didn't want to miss a trip to the origions of the american east. Therefore we drove to Plymouth where the first english settlers arrived aboard the "Mayflower". On the way to the harbor we passed by the first house that the settlers built (photo on the right). At the harbor we visited the "Mayflower II" (photo on the left). The ship is a re-creation of the original "Mayflower", which sunk. Aboard the ship were actors who told stories about the life on board of the "Maybflower" on it's way over the Atlantic Ocean. It was very foggy that morning. When we left the ship we were "immigrated" by some Native Americans of the Wampanoag.

After that we drove to the "Plimoth Plantation". It's a museum that has two parts. In one part you could see an old village like the ones the first settlers built. You could go into the re-created huts. Here again were actors who showed the life of the settlers and answered questions. They also did some farming with animals and vegetables.

The second part was a settlement of the Wampanoag Native Americans. In that part were no actors but real Native Americans. You could see how they lived there. The men built huts and boats and the women cooked fish on the open fire. You could also go into the huts and talk to the people there. At the entrance to the Wampanoag settlements were signs how to behave respectfully towards the Native Americans.