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Other places in Manhattan


Other Places in Manhattan

On this page you can see a few other places I visited.


One of the most well known buildings of New Yorks is the Chrysler Building. Before the Empire State Buildings was built it was with the height of 319 meters the tallest building of New York. The Chrysler Building had this "title" only a few month though.

The extraordinary top alredy looks good in broad daylight. But in the dark, with the bows of the triangle windows illuminated, the distinctive pattern shows to its best advantage.

At the 61th floor there's eight gigantic chrome eagles on the outside of the building.

The stock exchange: WALL STREET

Who doesn't know it: The famous New York stock exchange on Wall Street (left picture). This is where the rates of the big joint-stock companies control the fate of world economy. When the rates on Wall Street stock exchange go down the world-wide economy has to suffer too. Accordingly the whole world turns their attention to the Wall Street when there's big politcal action going on.

The bull (right picture) is the sign of the optimists at the Wall Street. It symbolizess the positive expectations. The symbol for the pessimists is the bear. There's no statue of it on Wall Street though.

John Lennons Garden: STRAWBERRY FIELDS

On Dezember 8, 1980 Ex-Beatle John Lennon was shot in front of the Dakota Building in New York, where he used to live.

His wife Yoko Ono had someone lay out a garden in the Central Park opposite of the Dakota Building in memory of him. In the so called "Strawberry Fields" a mosaic with the word "Imagine" reminds of the song by John Lennon.

The art of bridge construction: BROOKLYN BRIDGE

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges of the USA. It is 1,834 meters long, has a span of 486 meters and connects Manhatten with Brooklyn.

The idea to build this bridge was from the engineer John August Roebling (Johann Augustus Röbling), a German by birth. He started the planning in 1865. During the construction he had an accident and died of tetanus poisoning. The bridge construction was finished under the lead of his son (who got sick during the contruction works too and ended up in a wheel chair) and his daugher-in-law. It was opened for traffic on May 24, 1883.

Sightseeing pure: GRAY LINE TOURS

The Gray Line Tourbusses are a great oportunity to get to know a little about New York. With their "Hop on, hop off"-principle you can stop at different sight of the city. A ticket for one tour is valid for 24 hours and in this time you can hop on and hop off as often as you like.

The Gray Line Tours offers different routes. First there is the "Downtown Loop" from the south of Central Park down to the south end of Manhattan. Then there is the "Uptown Loop" from the south of Central Park up to Harlem. The third bigger tour is the "Brooklyn Loop". Like the name already sais it runs from the south of Manhattan to Brooklyn. You could also book a three-days-tour which included all three tours and a night tour.

Unfortunately I just booked the "Downtown Loop". Next time I'm smarter and book the "all inclusive Tour" instead. ;)


There's a few memorial places for September 11, 2001 in New York. One of those memorials is "Tiles for America". It's a different kind of memorial you can find across the street from the St. Vincents Hospital at the junction of the Greenwich Avenue and the 7th Avenue.

This memorial is made out of hundreds of painted tiles on a fence. You can buy those white tiles, paint them yourself and put them on the fence. The money for the tiles is spent for the victims of September 11, 2001.


The New Yorkers love their fire fighters. This love went even deeper after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Each firetruck has an american flag on the rear which is waving in the wind when they drive through the city.

The firetrucks look just great and the sound of the horns is pretty cool too. I would have loved to see a fire department from the inside but those that I came by all had their doors closed and I didn't want to walk in there just like that.