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9th - 11th August 2007: Side trip over the boarder to Canada in Niagara Falls.

For the visit in Niagara Falls we chose to stay at the canadian side because it's just better. We had a motel in Clifton Hills about 10 minutes on foot from to the falls. At the toursit info we bought an "Adventure Pass". With that we had entry to some of the activities on the canadian side. First thing we did was the "Maid of the Mist" boat trip to the falls. It was a wet but worthwhile thing to do.

After that we went to the Horseshoe Falls and did the "Journey behind the Falls". There you could walk in the tunnels that go behind the Horseshoe Falls and to the platform next to the Falls where you had a good impression on the mass of water that comes down there. About 1 million bathtubs full of water go down the falls in one minute.

Another part of the Adventure Pass was a visit at the Butterfly Conservatory. There were a lot of diffenrent species of butterflies. They flew freely in a huge glass hall which had a lot of tropic plants. You had to watch your step because the butterflies sometimes sat on the ground as well. They even sat on the visitors sometimes. One of the big blue butterflies sat down on my camera for a bit. You could also see the breeding area and birth place of the butterflies.

The last part of the Adventure Pass was the entry to the White Water Walk. That was a way that goes alongside the Niagara River. There the water was so wild that it really looked white. That gave it the name. Over the years some people tried to swim from one bank to the other. Most of them died trying. At the entrance was a room where they had tables showing all the different ways in which people tried to cross the river or go down the falls in barrels.

On the second day we went on foot over the Rainbow Bridge back to the USA. There we had lunch in a restaurant above the Horseshoe Falls. After that we went to the American Falls and did the "Cave of the winds" tour. That is a walk on foot-bridges at the side of the Falls. The "Hurricane Platform" is almost in the Falls. But you don't get soaked anyway cause you get rain capes and shoes at the entrance.