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Symbol of Freedom: LIBERTY ISLAND

Thursday, October 20, 2005: A trip to Liberty Island.

Of course a visit at the Lady Liberty was a must on this trip. My english friends had left New York already, so I did this tour all by myself.

The security measures at the check in to the ferry were the same as in Empire State Building: X-raying of the luggage and metal detectors. The boat trip to the island was pretty short. Compared with the pictures you always see of it, the Lady Liberty looked pretty small. You could find the usual tourist attractions on the island: A restaurant, a museum and souvenir-shops.

You couldn't get up into the head of Lady Liberty anymore. Therefore I didn't visit the museum either. Instead I took a walk around the island and spent some time looking at all the stuff in the souvenir shops.

Of course there was a plaza for the american flag on the island. It looked pretty good as it was waving in front of the bright blue sky.

And from Liberty Island you had a pretty good view of the skyline of lower Manhatten.