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The rich and famous: Los Angeles and the area


The residental area of the rich and famous: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu.

The film metropolis Los Angeles offers a lot for tourists. I didn't see everything in the short time we were there. One of the most well-known places is the Chinese Theatre (right side). There you can find the famous hand- and footprints of the movie stars. The theatre is at the Walk of Fame, the street, whose pavement holds the paving-stones with the stars of the well-known, but not that famous movie and music stars. There are still some paving-stone-stars without inscription. So, if I try really hard.... ;-)

A highlight of L. A. at night is Griffith Park. It's high in the hills above the city. From the planetarium you have a breath-taking view over the illuminations of Los Angeles. The 14-million-inhabitants-metropolis looks gigantic from up there. Often the fog covers parts of the city at night. Therefore you couldn't see the edges of the city. But it was easy to spot the L.A.P.D. squad cars driving through the streets with the flashing lights going.

The first evening we made a trip to Santa Monica. That beach is just great! Quite american is the pier with the amusement park on it. I'm sure you can see wonderful sunsets when you have a clear view. Our view was a little misty. The town of Santa Monica is very nice. In the streets are all kinds of artists demonstrating their skills and there are a lot of small cafés.

On our way along the coast to San Francisco we had a short stop at the beach of Malibu. Unfortunately it was early in the moning and still foggy. But the scenery was just like you can see it in "Baywatch": all these little stations of the lifeguards. And there were already people surfing in the early morning hours. It was a very unpolluted beach. But that was no surprise cause there were people with metal detectors cleaning the beach.

Yeah, we did get a live-feeling of this as well: A forest fire near San Bernadino. The whole mountain was burning and the planes and fire fighters had a lot to do. The fire was dangerously near to the residental area in the valley. I can tell you, there were big clouds of smoke!

Yeah well, of course... I do have to go back. LOL