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The most eurpean city: SAN FRANCISCO


We just had one day in San Francisco. The weather was very european... cold and cloudy.

If you are on a boat in the Bay looking at the skyline of downtown San Francisco you can already see how hilly that area is. San Francisco was built on 49 hills. Therefore the parking in the streets is sometimes really difficult. You have to turn the wheels to the curb so the cars can't roll downwards. In some streets you have to park your car in 90° to the curb. Even the Cable Cars have to cope with the hilly streets.

Of course we also visited the symbol of the city: The Golden Gate Bridge! As we stopped at the Twin Peaks in the morning we couldn't see the Golden Gate from up there. It was still very foggy at that time. But when we stopped our sightseeing tour at the bridge most of the fog was gone and we could take some nice pictures. We also passed under the bridge during our Bay Cruise tour.

We also drove to the Alamo Square where we passed the old victorian houses called "Painted Ladys". Tourists goups are not allowed to stop there anymore so we had to take the pictures through the bus windows. You can see houses in victorian style in most parts of the city. That makes San Francisco a real nice looking city.

During the cruise through the San Francisco Bay we also passed the island of Alcatraz. In former times it was a high security prison, today it's just a tourist attraction. Unfortunately we didn't have the time for a visit.