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Wednesday, October 19, 2005: A visit at the Empire State Building.

The amazing height of the Empire State Building was really flabberghasting. Even from quite a distance you had to turn your head way back already to see the top. With a height of 381 meters and 102 floors it was (at the time of my visit) the highest building in the city.

I went there with some online-friends from England

We got some advice from a tour guide of the Grey Line Tourbusses that we should go up the Empire State Building in the morning since it usually gets crowded in the afternoon. So we went for that visit first thing in the morning.

In spite of the fact that we were there early, we still needed about an hour to get up there. The security checks took quite some time. It was like being at the airport: The luggage was x-rayed and you had to walk through a metal detector.

After that we went to the express lift which took us up to the 80th floor in steps of 10 floors at a time. There you had to wait again to get to the next elevator. The time was cut short a bit because some photographers took a picture of each visitor in front of a photo of the Empire State Building.

The second elevator took us up to the 86th floor. You had to go through a souvenir shop on the way out. The souvenirs were very expensive up there so I didn't buy anything.

We went right through to the visitors platform. It was already very crowded and you had to push your way through to the banisters. The view from there was amazing. You could see the whole city and had a good view of Downtown Manhattan. Lady Liberty looked very small from above.