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Green Oasis in the City: CENTRAL PARK

I visited the Central Park a few times too.

The Central Park is 340 hectare huge and is located in the north of Manhatten between the 59th Street and the 110th Street. If you want to cross the Central Park from the south to the north (or the other way around) you need a lot of time. I spent half a day walking to get halfway through it.

Of course there's a lot of trees and lawns, but you can find some lakes too. Streets and footpaths are criss-crossing all through the park. The New Yorkers go there to jog, ride the bike, go for a walk, walk the dogs or simply to relax on one of the lawns.

If you can find a place where you don't see the buildings you feel like being in the woods. You just can't tune out the sounds of the city. The Central Park is like a small world of its own. There's a lot of different birds and squirrels. It's fun to just sit and watch those little furballs go about their business.

Surely you can find places to eat and drink a coffee too. In the first half of the week the weather was very good so that my english friends and I could sit outside by one of the lakes to drink a coffee.