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My boys
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My Boys

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My boys, Joey und Rocky, were born on april 25th, 2004. The first time I saw them was when they were just a week old and I would have loved to take them home right away. But of course that wasn't possible. I waited until they were 12 weeks old before I went back to catch them. The three hours drive home wasn't that pleasant cause the two little ones were permanently crying for mommy and they didn't like drivng. I had to stop three times on the way home.

The first days in their new home they took their time to sneak scared but nosy through the house. In the first night they didn't yet dare to come up to the first floor, so they slept on the stairs. These days they don't just storm through the house but roam the neighborhood too. They are part of the family and come along to my parents place on the annual Christmas meeting too.


Joey is really a little devil sometimes and is obviously higher in the ranking than Rocky.

He's very nosy and jumps on top of everything in his reach. I'm just waiting for the day I have to pick him from the roof of my house.

Eating is one of his hobbys. But he's picky at that too. He will just eat the good "Felix" and sure doesn't say no to meat and cheese from the table.

Joey loves to play outside. He's good in huntig. The little devil already brought a few mice and small birds home to "play" with them inside. Two small birds were rescued by me. He aslo brought home a bat once. But I managed to let it out again.

Regarding the fact that he's eating so much it's really surprising how normal-sized and quick he still is. He knows how to draw attention to himself. If there's something not going his way he's meowing in protest. He's "knocking" on doors and windows too when he wants out.

The first unexpected visit at the vet happend when he came home limping with a bloody hole in his shoulder. Diagnosis: Probably a shooting wound. After that he had to stay inside for a few day. He didn't really like that.

Joey loves to be cuddled. You can easily pick him up and hold him in your arms. And he usually curls up for sleeping in the room I am in.

With strangers he needs his time to get used to them. It's the same with strange places


From his build it should be Rocky who's the boss. He is bigger than his brother.

Rocky isn't as fast as his brother though. That doesn't stop him from hunting anyway. He brought home his share of mice too and a small bird became his victim once too. But he does have that innocent looks about him so it's hard to be mad at him.

He's just as nosy as his brother. Shoe laces and ribbons are his favorite toys. And he's hunting moving shaddows a lot.

When it comes to food he's even more picky than his brother. Rocky almost always eats dry food and he loves to drink cat milk. If you want to give him a treat you have to mix a raw egg for him. He loves to eat them.

Rockys first unexpected vet visit happened when he came home with bloody paws. Diagnosis: Probably a car accident in which his paws were dragged along over the street. The claws were rubbed of and it took qute a while for them to grow back.

Rocky doesn't really like it much when you hold him in your arms. He's more the "I love to walk around your legs and rub my head on your feet"-type.

With strangers he is very scared and hides himself in the farthest corner of the house. When it comes to new places he's a bit nosier than his brother.